The New Level Of Sports! -
                                    Free Fundraising Programs
Our program is simple and to the point. With every ball that's  purchased 30% will be given back to your program. There are no set-up fees or any other fees.
This will allow your organization to gain an generous profit. Unlike most products such as candy, cookie dough, or wrapping paper, which have been used for years and you have to purchase there product.
We provide you with all the necessary forms and materials free of charge. 
We make your fundraiser fun and easy with long lasting kreative memories.
We have many kreative ideas for you. For more information contact us at
                    Let us help you makeit rain for              
                          your organization!!!!
   Sports Kreations is a part of the Precious Kidz Foundation not-for-profit 501(c)(3)public fundraising foundation
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